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Truck Stop Electrification


The American Carbon Registry (ACR), a non-profit enterprise of Winrock International, has approved version 1.1 of a Methodology for GHG Emission Reductions through Truck Stop Electrification. This methodology is applicable to projects that result in a reduction in direct GHG emissions from diesel engine idling of long-haul trucks, through the installation and use of single-system Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) technologies.

TSE systems eligible under this methodology must use grid-connected electrical power, and must operate with the truck’s main propulsion (diesel) engine fully shut off. The methodology is currently only applicable in the United States due to its use of U.S.-specific references and emission factors. Baseline emissions from diesel idling are calculated using California Air Resources Board emission factors, and project emissions from electricity generation are calculated using USEPA eGRID factors.

This methodology was developed by ACR in collaboration with IdleAir, and approved through ACR’s public consultation and scientific peer review process.

Current approved version

Process documentation

7. Transport
File PDF documentACR Truck Stop Electrification Methodology v1.1
File PDF documentProposed Amendment to ACR Truck Stop Electrification Methodology
File PDF documentTruckstop electrification v1.0
File PDF documentTruckstop electrification v1.0 peer review summary
File PDF documentTruckstop electrification v1.0 public comment draft
File PDF documentTruckstop electrification v1.1 public comment draft
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