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Carbon markets can incentivize climate action across a broad front. ACR has developed a series of primers to introduce some of the key challenges and opportunities in the realm of climate action that our methodologies are designed to address. In each primer, we introduce the challenge or the opportunity and explain how carbon market incentives can help unlock the solution.

Carbon Markets 101

ACR’s Carbon Market 101 blog series explores and explains carbon markets and how ACR tackles various issues in our ongoing mission to set the bar for carbon credit quality. 


Case Studies

ACR believes in the power of markets to improve the environment, and we strive to demonstrate project benefits and impacts beyond emissions reductions. The case studies below highlight carbon offset projects that in addition to emissions reductions also deliver human health, air quality, water quality and biodiversity benefits.  

Cookstove   Improved Cookstoves and Clean Drinking Water

IdleAir   Truck Stop Electrification

FHHH   Forest Health - Human Health

ODS  Destruction of Ozone Depleting Substances