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Open an ACR Account

All project developers, validation/verification bodies (VVBs), traders, and retailers must have an ACR account. The process for opening an ACR account is initiated online, with supplemental documentation submitted via email. Each approved account will receive an Account Manager login. The Account Manager will then be able to create logins in the system for other account users in your organization.

The steps involved in the Account Opening process are detailed below.

1.    Review Registry Documents

2.   To begin registration, click on the Open an Account button on the left navigation bar or click here: Open an Account

Select the appropriate Account Type and click the "Continue Registration" button.
Note: this will open a new browser window.

  • Transaction Account or Corporate Account Holder: Account holders who want to hold, transfer and retire credits but are not project developers. Corporate accounts are for corporations whose primary objective is to purchase and retire offset against their GHG footprint.
  • Project Developer: Account holders who, in addition to transactions and retirements, also plan to submit projects for ACR registration
  • Project VVB: Approved Validation and Verification Bodies

3.    Read and agree to the Online ACR Terms of Use

  • This is your next step after clicking "Continue Registration"
  • Acceptance of the Terms of Use must be indicated by identifying an authorized representative from your organization
  • Review all terms with checking each section
  • Lastly, agree to the Terms of Use by pressing the "I Agree" button

4.    Complete New Account Application Form

  • Upon accepting the Terms of Use, you will be presented with an online New Account Application Form
  • You must complete all required fields, which are noted by an asterisk (*)
  • When complete, click "Submit"

5.    Activate the Account

  • Upon submitting the New Account Application form, the Account Manager will receive an Account Activation email
  • You must activate the account to notify the ACR Administrator of your pending account
  • You must email the ACR Administrator copies of requested documents
  • Note: The Organization name is publicly available after approval unless you mark the account as a Private Account. The Account Manager contact information will be available to other current ACR Account Holders, unless you mark the account as a Private Account. 

6.    Application Review by Administrator

  • The ACR Administrator will review the account application
  • If the account application is complete and approved, an Account Approval Email will be sent to the designated Account Manager at the Email address provided in the New Account Application form
  • If materials are incomplete or additional information is required, the ACR Administrator will notify the Account Manager

7.    Begin using your account

  • Approved accounts may begin using all functions of the system available to their User Type

8.    Account Billing upon Account Approval

  • Accounts will be billed for the Annual Account Subscription Fees upon account approval
  • Once the invoice is created, the ACR Administrator sends the Account Manager an Email notification with the invoice and payment details
  • All Invoices are also available online via the "My Invoices" report within the ACR for downloading and printing