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N2O Abatement from Nitric Acid Production


ACR requires use of ACR published methodologies and tools. However, to provide flexibility to Project Proponents, methodologies approved by the CDM Executive Board are generally approved for use to register  projects on ACR, subject to ACR approval.

ACR has approved CDM Methodology ACM0019 version 4, N2O Abatement from Nitric Acid Production, for the registration of non-Annex 1 country projects on ACR. The methodology is applicable to project activities that introduce N2O abatement measures in nitric acid plants. Nitric Acid is used to produce products such as fertilizer and various plastics and is produced from the oxidation of ammonia via catalysis. The methodology applies to those projects using either Secondary N2O abatement or Tertiary N2O abatement. Secondary N2O abatement refers to the catalytic removal of N2O from the intermediate gas stream between the ammonia reactor and the absorption tower. Tertiary N2O abatement refers to the destruction of N2O in the tail gas from the absorption tower.

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