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INACTIVE: Recycling of Transformer Oil


The ACR methodology for Reduction in Emissions from the Recycling of Transformer Oil is inactive and ineligible for crediting projects on ACR. The methodology relies on a performance standard additionality test that, per requirements in the ACR Standard, must be re-assessed at minimum every 5 years. The methodology may become active again based on the results of the performance standard review.

The methodology was developed by Hydrodec Group PLC. The methodology quantifies emission reductions achieved in the U.S. by diverting used transformer oil, which under normal conditions would be incinerated at the end of its useful life, to a refining facility that processes the transformer oil for re-use. Project Proponents achieve emissions reductions by recycling the highly refined oil used in transformers that are operated by electric utility customers and large industrial companies. As a co-benefit, recycling of transformer oil in controlled and permitted facilities reduces the environmental health and safety risks associated with the destruction of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) found in transformer oil.

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6. Waste Handling and Disposal
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