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Avoiding Conversion of U.S. Forests


Green Assets® and the American Carbon Registry are currently authoring a Methodology for the Quantification, Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reductions and Removals from Avoiding Conversion of U.S. Forests.

The methodology provides eligibility requirements and an accounting framework for the quantification and issuance of offset credits from avoiding the conversion of forestland to non-forest uses. Emission reductions are quantified from forest carbon projects that evade emissions associated with land use conversion activities, as well as CO2 sequestration/removals realized from maintaining forest cover and implementation of prudent forest resources management. Baseline activities involve a loss of forest carbon stocks as land is cleared and converted, as well as other actions that produce significant emissions.

Hundreds of thousands of acres of forests in the U.S. are converted to other land uses annually. Carbon finance is a critical mechanism in mitigating forest loss and helping to combat climate change.

3. Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry

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