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American Carbon Registry Standard


The American Carbon Registry (ACR) Standard v6.0 is open for public consultation. The Standard details ACR’s requirements and specifications for the quantification, monitoring, reporting, verification, registration and issuance of project-based GHG emissions reductions and removals as carbon offsets. The Standard establishes the quality level that every project must meet in order for ACR to register its GHG emissions reductions and removals as tradable environmental assets.

ACR aims to maximize flexibility and usability for Project Proponents while maintaining the environmental integrity and scientific rigor necessary to ensure that projects developed against its standards and methodologies are recognized as being of the highest quality, whether used for voluntary, pre-compliance early action or regulatory compliance purposes.

Adherence to the ACR Standard and associated methodologies and verification requirements will ensure that project-based offsets represent emissions reductions and removals that are real, measurable, permanent, in excess of regulatory requirements and common practice, additional to business-as-usual, net of leakage, verified by a competent independent third party, and used only once.

Please send comments to by June 15, 2019.


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