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ACR Nested REDD+ Standard


The American Carbon Registry (ACR) has made inactive its previously approved Nested REDD+ Standard, based on its decision to no longer accept international forestry projects.  The ACR Nested REDD+ Standard provided technical guidance for registration on ACR of REDD+ projects nested within a jurisdictional accounting framework.



The ACR Nested REDD+ Standard provides registration requirements for project-level REDD+ activities – including conservation of forest carbon stocks, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks – following baseline, leakage, monitoring and other technical requirements developed at the jurisdictional level provided these meet certain minimum criteria. The ACR Nested REDD+ Standard also defines social and environmental safeguard requirements for registration of REDD+ projects.

“Jurisdiction” is defined as any politically defined region delineated for the purposes of tracking carbon stocks, deforestation rates, and GHG reductions through REDD+ project activities. A jurisdiction may be a national or sub-national political entity (nation, state, province, district, etc.), though other ways of defining jurisdictional boundaries are also possible.

A “nested” REDD+ project is one that is accounted and monitored in reference to the jurisdictional accounting framework (baseline, leakage assessment, monitoring requirements) in which the project takes place. This can have the benefit of reducing transaction costs for projects, allowing them to use the baseline and other requirements developed by the jurisdiction rather than having to develop these at the project level; meanwhile, creating such frameworks can help jurisdictions attract private capital for REDD.

To be confident that nested REDD+ projects registered on ACR meet the same high quality standards as non-nested projects, it is important to establish the criteria that jurisdictional baselines, leakage assessments, monitoring, and reversal risk mitigation must meet in order for projects to register. The ACR REDD+ Standard, while not attempting to prescribe how jurisdictions should design their accounting frameworks, do set minimum criteria that must be met in order for a project nested within that framework to register on ACR. Equally important, the Standard specifies how differences in project-level and jurisdiction-level performance can be reconciled.

The ACR Nested REDD+ Standard builds on Winrock’s over fifteen years of experience designing REDD methodologies for a broad range of clients and partners and was developed by Winrock with assistance from a Technical Advisory Team including:

  • Sandra Brown, Winrock International (Lead)
  • Nicholas Martin, American Carbon Registry (Co-lead)
  • Nancy Harris, Winrock International (Co-lead)
  • Jurgen Blaser, Inter-cooperation
  • Jenny Henman, Independent Consultant
  • Dan Nepstad, Amazon Scenarios Program, IPAM
  • Marcelo Rocha, Fabrica Ethica Brasil
  • David Saah, Spatial Informatics Group LLC
  • Neil Sampson, The Sampson Group Inc.

Last approved version

ACR Nested REDD+ Standard v1.0

Process documentation

v1.0 public comments and responses 


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