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Other Accepted Methodologies

ACR generally accepts methodologies and tools approved for use by the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). However, project proponents wishing to use a CDM methodology should first consult ACR for a review to include applicability as well as clarifications and/or conditions for its use for registration on ACR.

ACR may also approve ACR-reviewed methodolgies from other programs, such as EPA Climate Leaders, to the extent that they comply with ACR’s Standards. To date, ACR has approved the U.S. EPA Climate Leaders Greenhouse Gas Inventory Protocol Offset Project Methodology for Project Type: Landfill Methane Collection and Combustion.

ACR also gives Project Proponents the flexibility to propose new methodologies as well as modifications to ACR-approved methodologies and tools. New methodologies and methodology modifications are approved for use through ACR's public comment and scientific peer review process.