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ARB Offset Program Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ARB has developed general guidance on the compliance offset program. ARB's main webpage for the Compliance Offset Program contains information and materials including:

In addition, ARB publishes guidance and FAQs that address general questions related to the offsets program. 

Potential New Compliance Offset Project Types

The Cap-and-Trade Regulation establishes procedures for the approval of new Compliance Offset Protocols as well as requirements for new Compliance Offset Protocols. All new protocols will be developed by ARB, with public input, to satisfy the requirements of the Regulation.

Offset Project Listing Requirements for Native American Tribes

Tribes, because of their unique status as sovereign nations, must include a limited waiver of sovereign immunity that is legally binding under the Tribe’s laws as part of the offset project listing requirements to participate in the Compliance Offset Program.  Tribes must meet the requirements of sections 95975(c)(1) through (5), and the requirements of section 95975(l) of the Cap-and-Trade Regulation before any offset project located on the categories of land specified in section 95973(d) of the Cap-and-Trade Regulation can be listed under ARB’s Compliance Offset Program.  For more information please see the Offset Project Listing Requirements for Native American Tribes web page.

How to Register California Offset Projects on ACR

Read our Orientation Guide to learn more about the process of listing California Compliance Offset Projects with ACR and being issued Registry Offset Credits and ARB Offset Credits for the California Cap-and-Trade Program.