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Chesapeake Mizer Pneumatic Retrofit Project

Registry Member: Chesapeake Energy
Contact: Andrew McCalmont
Location: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Arkansas
Project Type: Reduction of Fugitive Methane Emissions
Project Activities: Converting High-Bleed Pneumatic Controllers to Low-Bleed
Project Account
Summary & Activity Log:
Chesapeake Energy Project Offset Report and Activity Log

Chesapeake Mizer Pneumatic Retrofit Project
Project Information

The Chesapeake Mizer Pneumatic Retrofit project reduces methane emissions that are otherwise vented from ‘high-bleed’ pneumatic process controllers used to regulate liquid levels at various O&G facilities within Chesapeake Energy’s operations.  The objective of this Project is to reduce the amount of methane vented to the atmosphere by retrofitting process controllers with a more efficient, low-bleed Mizer valve. Under normal operating conditions, many common pneumatic controllers are designed to “bleed” natural gas continuously. Under the same operating conditions, retrofitted controllers can vent up to 90% less gas into the atmosphere. Within this project, over 2,700 high-bleed controllers have been retrofitted to function as low-bleed controllers, which are expected to reduce over 960,000 metric tons of CO2e emissions over the life of the project.

Pneumatic controllers use a pressurized gas, typically natural gas produced onsite, to regulate process variables such as pressure, flow rate, and liquid level. Pneumatically operated equipment is used in the oil and gas industry because electricity is not readily available at remote production sites. These devices release or ‘bleed’ natural gas into the atmosphere and, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), are among the largest sources of vented methane by equipment type in the domestic oil & natural gas industry. In the U.S., an estimated one million of these devices are currently in use. Voluntary retrofits of high-bleed pneumatic controllers have long been encouraged by programs such as the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Program.  Chesapeake Energy is a partner company in the Natural Gas STAR Program and was recognized by the EPA as the Natural Gas STAR Partner of the Year in 2009.

"We are pleased to have our Mizer Retrofit Project and associated GHG emissions reductions within the Natural Gas STAR Program documented and listed with the American Carbon Registry. Chesapeake strives to employ best practices within our operations and is committed to maintaining high environmental standards." Andrew McCalmont, Manager - GHG, Power & Projects

Additional Documentation:
File Chesapeake Pneumatic Retrofit GHG Project Plan
File Chesapeake Pneumatic Retrofit Verification Report_2008-2010
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