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Landfill Methane Collection and Combustion


ACR may elect to approve environmentally robust methodologies from other programs, such as EPA Climate Leaders, to the extent that they have been through a public stakeholder process and comply with ACR’s Standards.

ACR has approved the U.S. EPA Climate Leaders Greenhouse Gas Inventory Protocol Offset Project Methodology for Landfill Methane Collection and Combustion, Version 1.3 for registration of landfill gas projects on ACR subject to the following conditions:

  1. Landfill gas flow to a combustion device must be measured and recorded on a continuous basis which is defined as collection and recording of flow data every 15 minutes, at minimum. Monthly sampling of landfill gas flow is not allowed.
  2. Methane concentration is to be measured on a weekly basis, at minimum. Monthly sampling of methane concentration is not allowed.

Current approved version

13. Waste Handling and disposal
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