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Who We Are

The American Carbon Registry® (ACR) is a leading non-profit U.S. carbon market standard and registry As the first private voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) registry in the U.S., ACR boasts over 18 years of operational experience in development of high quality carbon offset standards and protocols, carbon offset issuance and serialization and transparent on-line transaction reporting. ACR has issued over 40 million carbon offsets and continues to lead voluntary carbon market innovation.

In 1996, market-oriented environmental experts at the Environmental Defense Fund founded the Environmental Resources Trust (ERT), which launched the GHG Registry, now known as the American Carbon Registry. The American Carbon Registry and Environmental Resources Trust joined Winrock International in 2007, expanding the Winrock team of climate change, forestry, clean energy, agriculture, biofuels and carbon market experts.

Who Trusts Us

Today, the American Carbon Registry is one of the largest and most respected online registries in the U.S. voluntary and pre-compliance carbon markets. A host of Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit organizations and mission-driven institutions trust us with their carbon accounting and registry needs.

We work with major U.S. companies in key emitting sectors as well as with companies with corporate social responsibility objectives, providing a transparent platform to record over-the-counter (OTC) offset transactions and retirements.

What We Offer

The American Carbon Registry is a leading carbon offset program with strong standards for environmental integrity. ACR provides an electronic registry system for members to register offset projects and record the ownership and retirement of serialized Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) branded as Emission Reduction Tons (“ERTs”). One “ERT” represents the reduction or removal from the atmosphere equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide.

The American Carbon Registry’s services include:

Registry services

  • Project eligibility screening and certification
  • Project registration
  • Oversight of verification by accredited verification bodies
  • Offset issuance, serialization and tracking
  • Transparent offset retirement

Technical services

  • Development of carbon offset standards, methodologies / protocols and tools
  • Review of carbon offset methodologies and tools developed by third parties
  • Oversight of methodology approval via stakeholder consultation and scientific peer review

How We Create Environmental Assets

A carbon offset becomes an Emissions Reduction Ton (“ERT”) when ACR has confirmed the project meets its standards and that a reduction or removal is real, additional, permanent, that ownership is incontestable, and that no leakage takes place elsewhere in the environment. An “ERT” becomes a tradable environmental asset once ACR assigns each offset a unique serial number, and issues the “ERT” in the Member’s account.

In order to ensure the high quality of offsets, the American Carbon Registry accepts only projects that meet our ACR published standards and are independently verified by an approved, accredited verification body. ACR allows the flexibility of using other approved methodologies and tools for GHG measurement such as approved methodologies from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and U.S. EPA Climate Leaders program.

The American Carbon Registry promotes innovation to bring new offset types to market. If we have not published a methodology for a project type or if one does not yet exist, entities may submit a proposed methodology to the Registry for approval via public stakeholde consultation and scientific peer review.

How We Add Value

Transparency, clear ownership and environmental integrity drive today’s U.S. voluntary and pre-compliance carbon markets. The American Carbon Registry offers trusted solutions to the carbon market, promising to register only the highest quality offsets. Our published standards exceed industry standards on environmental quality while providing commercial flexibility. 

The American Carbon Registry's public reports include carbon offset project information, including full project documentation, and reports for offset issuance and retirement. The Registry brand is the imprimatur of low risk and high quality. We add value by helping Members to position themselves in the voluntary market and to earn early-action credit towards future federal and regional GHG regulatory programs.

Our Qualifications & Experience

Members the ACR team and Winrock staff who oversee the Registry include leaders in clean energy, methane capture, agriculture practices, land use change, afforestation, reforestation, forest management and avoided deforestation as well as scientists, ecologists, economists, policy analysts and business professionals. They have co-authored carbon project protocols and guidebooks for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 1605(b) program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the California Energy Commission (CEC), the World Bank, the International Tropical Timber Organization and United Nations organizations, among others.

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